Ducky’s Valentine 2014 Best Gift List

January 29, 2014 § 2 Comments



Vibrators equate love. Wait no. Vibrators equate orgasms and women LOVE orgasms. Vibrators made out of different materials will transfer vibration in very different ways. Try this heart-embossed silicone vibe, or a ceramic vibe or even an aluminum vibe — and explore the differences.

And just because it’s my new found love… check out the Cush. Feels so lush, yet it’s made of totally hypoallergenic, dual density silicone. This means it’s full of pleasurable fun and is body safe, boilable, or bleachable.



I have had two men who know and love sex toys tell me (independent of each other) that they love the Cobra Libre. They both said the control functions have a bit of a learning curve, but once you sort that out, then this is one of the best frenulum massagers on the market.

Then reach for his prostate with a 100% premium silicone Pro-Touch Vibe by Tantus. The Pro-Touch features a curved tip that when pointed toward his navel will massage his prostate. It’s about the same size as your finger so it’s a comfortable fit for beginners and advanced butt players alike. Be sure to pair his high quality sex toys with an equally high quality waterbased lube. Like Dude Lube.



These Lucky Love Dice are a simple way to flirt with your lover, initiate sex or jump out of the rut. This Sweet Heart Box gives you lots of excuses to explore with your tongue. Simple and sensual ways to bring new energy into your sex life.

You might also try to play with your positions. This Heart Wedge is just the thing to tip those hips up high for more direct G-spot and prostate play. A little power in your play can be fun! This I Like It Doggie-Style Strap not only gives awesome control to the person penetrating but it is comfortable for the lover who is receiving as well. You can play a little tug-o-war with your hips!



Love hurts with these Butterfly Nipple Clamps. The more you tug on them, the tighter they squeeze. A blindfold not only heightens your awareness, but with a trusted lover can help you forget your inhibitions and lose yourself to the experience.

Hot Wax burns at a cooler temperature. If your partner is laying  down, the higher you hold the candle, the cooler to drips will be when they land. So start buy creating some distance and if they are enjoying the spontaneous little warm wax splashes, move in closer and see how much more heated your adventures become! Be sure to only use wax that is made for skin play, as standard wax candles can cause burns. That totally ruins your sex thing.

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