About Ducky

ducky doolittle

With her unique mix of storytelling, humor and sex education, Ducky is considered one of America’s most celebrated sex educators. She has spent the last two decades working in the field of sexuality and continues to present sold out presentations on campuses, at medical schools, sex shops and anywhere else she can gather a crowd.

Ducky regularly volunteers her services to community centers, homeless youth drop-in centers, sexual assault crisis centers and anti-violence programs.

You may have seen her on HBOs Real Sex, The Morning Show, MTV, NPR, The Howard Stern Show, Playboy TV, to name a few.

“one of the funniest, most surprising, and most caring public sexual experiences you can have. She gives to-the-point sex advice and guidance with humor and compassion.” – about.com

Ducky is the author of Sex With The Lights On: 200 Illuminating Sex Questions Answered and is currently the Education Coordinator for the New York Academy of Sex Education. She is also the Education Coordinator for the revolutionary adult retailer Tantus Inc, where she is responsible for maintaining and expanding key customer relationships through educational workshops.

“She’s one of the most insightful and original sex educators and artists I’ve ever met.”- Susie Bright

Beyond all that, Ducky is also a certified emergency room Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Counselor and has trained with Planned Parenthood in comprehensive STD prevention and comprehensive & medically accurate sex education. She has been instrumental in building public sex education learning programs for NYC’s Museum of Sex and the feminist adult shop Babeland. She was also awarded a fellowship with the New York Foundation for the Arts in the category of non-fiction literature. Ducky’s most recent collection of stories is available here.

“She’s stacked like a Russ Meyer starlet, with the looks of Betty Page and the brains of Dr. Kinsey.” – LA Weekly

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