13 Sexy Kinky Toys I Am Curious to Try

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ducky sexy kitty

Curiosity kills the cat. But satisfactions brings her back! (Above photo? Self portrait. Me. As a kitty.)

13 sexy, kinky things I am curious to try:

13 sexy, kinky things I know and love:

Had to share. Cuz I found myself perving stockroom.com this morning.

Happily I can say have a personal relationship with them! Sometimes I write for their blog. And they gave me a discount code I can share with you. For 10% off your order, used the code DUCKY at check out. They even carry my book!

Photos from the Road… SF Armory

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20130531backup 559

Being invited to teach at the SF Amory was so dreamy! (Take a good look at the painting behind me!) If you don’t already know, this building was actually a military armory. It was later used to fil part of the Star War Empire Strikes Back movie. Now it is the home of one of my favorite porn companies in the whole world, kink.com.

20130531backup 560These paintings are about 7-feet long! Lining the walls of the beautiful, marble staircases.

20130531backup 564Entrance to the room where I taught.

20130531backup 561The room from where I stood.

20130531backup 563One of the rooms where the film The Upper Floor.

20130531backup 617I also got a tour of the whole space. In the hallway we found the 55 gallon containers of lube!

It’s a very cool place in the world. I highly recommend signing up for a tour and classes there. I look forward to being back to teach again one day soon. I hope!

Buxom & Beautiful: Fetish Wear for Plush Girls

February 12, 2013 § 3 Comments

ducky doolittle latex dress

I wrote another article for my friends at Stockroom. They give me such awesome opportunities to give y’all a glimpse of another side of me. This article is about fetish wear for plush girls. (Actually it’s for everybody and every kind of body.) I hope you like it! Plus there is another photo of my little rubber dress posted there too. And here is a link to all of the articles I have written for Stockroom so far. And here’s the dress and the stockings I am wearing in this photo.

Why You Shouldn’t Have Anal Sex? Yup. Maybe you shouldn’t.

February 8, 2013 § 2 Comments

ducky doolittle anal sexAnal sex can be amazing – and orgasmic. But I can give you four perfectly valid reasons you might not want to. Read my Why You Shouldn’t Have Anal Sex article on this awesome sex online magazine called Kinkly.

Which Edible Panties Taste (and fit) the Best?

December 11, 2012 § 6 Comments

ducky doolittle sexyWhy does everyone think I will know the answer to this question!?!

Never mind.

Edible panties are a lot like a dry, thin fruit roll up. They are supposed to taste best if you lick lick lick them. But most people gnaw off a bit and try chewing them and consequently do not get to enjoy the full edible panty flavor and experience. But to be honest, I have never been crazy about the taste no matter how I devour ‘em.

Besides that, they are supposed to be one size fits all because they have strings that you tie at the hips. This way they can fit “all”, but they really only fit people who are about a size medium or smaller. Making them wildly disappointing for anyone who is average or above average in size.

But don’t dismay! I did some research and found two new alternatives to the old edibles! The Candy G String is just like those candy necklaces we used to eat as kids. The elastic that binds these panties together makes it possible for almost anyone to fit.

And for the craft-stars out there, you can make your own licorice whip panties. Yum! The folks at Knitty.com have given you the complete pattern!

The Constructs of My Ass

July 24, 2012 § 6 Comments

ducky doolittle ass

I’m back to running. I sort of fell off my game for a while there. Life. Moving. Stress. If you want to follow along… I’m starting with this pretty easy program. I know myself, if I get to ambitious at the start… I sometimes get discouraged. So I am ramping it up, week by week. Today’s soundtrack was Blackalicious. I’ll keep you abreast of my progress.

I’m also looking to start some cross training. Weights, yoga… what do you do? I’m taking all advice. Please feel free to post comments and links. I’d love ya for it.

Did You Miss Me?

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Where oh where have I been? I have had a high tide with gigs this month… it’s been awesome! To catch you up on a few of my exploits…

keene state college

The posters the students hung in my dressing room. <3

I had a blast performing for a packed auditorium at Keene State College. The student organizers and entire audience made me feel so loved. Much thanks to Tantus for the tour support and Crystal Delights for the beautiful prizes they gifted upon the students who won my quiz. Yes, I give quizzes about your beautiful body parts!

What else did I do? I was honored once again to be a facilitator for the Sexual Assault & Violence Intervention Program. It’s a bad ass program that trains patient advocates so they can work with survivors who present to emergency room after sexual assault or intimate partner violent. Click here to learn how you can get involved and support their mission.

I co-hosted the Derek & Romaine Show on Sirius XM. I shot some video for this exciting new site called gasm.org! (My footage is not up yet… but I’ll let you know when it is.) I had stellar audeinces come hear me present at both Shag in Brooklyn and the Museum of Sex in NYC. I did piles of bachelorette parties. (‘Tis the season… every spring… young lasses all over the city call on me to stir up a ruckus for their parties!)

ducky doolittle boobs

Don’t worry! They’re ok! I checked.

I had a scary mammogram thing happen this month… Mammogram… it sounds like someone should show up to my door dressed like an awesome set of boobs and sing me a song… But no, instead it means pinching my bits in a machine and what not. But I was good and did what I had to do. And I’m ok it turns out. Good thing because these breasts are one source of pride and joy for me! They rule!

dirty bingo

Chicken baby!

We had a blow out Dirty Bingo here in NYC. I had been doing it pretty much every Thursday night for the last 9 months. This one was sponsored by that beautiful shop called Sexcusemoi.com. They gave such amazing, sexy prizes. They also gave us a discount code! Get $20 OFF your $100 purchase… use the code: DUCKY

dirty bingo sex toy prizes

Dirty Bingo prizes compliments of sexcusemoi.com.

If you are crying in your milk because you missed Dirty Bingo and the dozens upon dozens of amazing prizes I gave out this year… worry not… it’s happening on Saturday night (3/31/12) at Momentum Con in DC! Prizes by Tantus and AllSexReviews.com.

And tomorrow night (3/28/12) I’m teaching my blow job workshop at the Museum of Sex! It’s the workshop that has gay men taking notes. You got to be there to get what I got. And what I got will hypnotize a mutherfucker. That’s right. I said it. It will sell out, so buy tickets in advance.

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