Yes. A mitten fetish.

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I sat down with the other students, feeling excited but also having this absolute sense of unknowing. How would Rachel unravel this dense topic of writing erotica? Without telling you too much (because I hope one day you’ll sit in her class and feel that sense of wonder too) I will say you can literally feel her passion for writing sex and this makes her so fun to learn with. In less than 2 hours time she inspired me to write erotic stories of…

  • a BDSM piano lesson
  • how to masturbate with a banana peel
  • a mitten fetish
  • a Pear of Anguish Steel Locking Anal Plug
  • a strip club dressing room
  • a gay leather bar
  • explicit details of what it is to have a deep oral fixation

I have already written and published a good share of erotica in my lifetime but never the less – this class was very inspiring.  Rachel’s prompts and exercises has my mind all lit up! The stories unfolded faster than my hands could write. I left feeling motivated, with a notebook full of ideas. And on top of all that, it was really cool to write without the isolation that so often comes with being a writer.

If you have a desire to write a story for your Valentine, to be published or to expand your creative mind in any way – go! You will not regret it. The workshop was called Writing Erotica for Pleasure & Money. She is presenting the class again on Friday, January 17th at the New York Academy of Sex Education.

And who knows where your erotica writing may take you? Watch this mini-documentary (circa 2003) to see where it has taken me!

Ducky On Demand (Classes now available online!)

January 8, 2014 § 11 Comments

I am so excited to announce that my workshops are being made available on demand, online! Bit by bit they are being filmed, edited and posted in snippets that are available on PassionateU. We have shot my presentations on female orgasms, guy’s bodies and my presentation on how to create sparks in your relationships and raise your sex drive. Click the images below to watch!

So far you can see:


  • Girl Gasms: The Female Hard-On <–JUST ADDED
  • Girl Gasms: When Your Clit is Not It <–JUST ADDED
  • Girl Gasms: Clit & Vulva <–JUST ADDED
  • Girl Gasms: How Do I Know if I’ve Had an Orgasm?  <–JUST ADDED
  • Girl Gasms: Lingustics

ducky passionU

  • How to Please your Man: Deep Throat  <–JUST ADDED
  • How to Please Your Man: Positions for Oral Play
  • How to Please Your Man: Hand Job Techniques
  • How to Please Your Man: Suck Cock Like a Porn Star
  • How to Please Your Man: Give Him the Shaft
  • How to Please Your Man: Speed Up His Orgasm
  • How to Please Your Man: Slow Down His Orgasm
  • How to Please Your Man: What About the Balls?
  • How to Please Your Man: When Your Guy is Butt-Shy
  • How to Please Your Man: Body Hair & Cleanliness
  • How to Please Your Man: Flavored Lubricants
  • How to Please Your Man: STI’s & Oral Sex

Ducky Does Seven Cities. Maybe Yours?

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Here’s a little clip from my workshop that is all about male bodies and pleasure. It’s for anyone who loves the male body. People like it. A lot. It sells out fast and in many cities I teach it twice a night. Thank goodness because I love the people who show up for this presentation, smart, eager, beautiful people who laugh and learning with me. I’ll never get tired of it. Here’s a list of my upcoming presentations of this workshop. And if you can’t make it, you can watch segments online here.

  • NY. NY | Sept 27 | info
  • SF, CA | Sept 30 | info
  • Santa Cruz, CA | Oct 1 | info
  • Portland, OR | Oct 9 | info
  • Baltimore, MD | Oct 15 | Sugar
  • Chicago, IL | Nov 4 | Pleasure Chest
  • NY, NY | Nov 15 | info

Do You Like a Thrusting Motion? (Stronic Youtube Sex Toy Review!)

May 14, 2013 § 6 Comments

Very cool advancement in sex toy technology! It’s the Stronic Eins by Fun Factory. Buy it here.

Spank Me (wait no, not me… someone you love!)

February 26, 2013 § 3 Comments

I review the new line of 100% silicone paddles from Tantus! And I admit it… you can see it in my eyes… I love ’em. Here they are in the order you see them in the video:

Thigh Cuffs: Perfect for Bondage Bunnies & Bondage Bears

February 21, 2013 § 1 Comment

I’m loving these bondage Thigh Cuffs!

When it comes to cleaning your leather gear, a good cleaner and conditioner is essential. And reading the Leather & Latex Care book will help you to ensure your kink items stay in their best condition.

You can get all items in the video here:

Bigger, Better Orgasms: Ducky reviews EVI

February 18, 2013 § 4 Comments

It’s not too often that a sex toy blows my mind… like really blows-my-mind. But this simple looking, yet carefully designed little number does. It’s called EVI. You can learn more about it here.

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