Stroker: Male Masturbation Sleeve

October 5, 2012 § 3 Comments

Gone are the days of sticky, gooey pocket pussies – so peculiar were they that a guy would rather toss it than clean it. Today we know that healthy men usually have a very healthy sex life with their own bodies. For this reason quality toys for guys become a wider market with each year.

male masterbation sleeveToday I’m reviewing the Stroker and Stroker XL. But here is the problem with reviewing a male masturbation sleeve… I HAVE NO COCK. It’s horrible. (In this particular situation anyway.) Thankfully there are men with cocks and hands and a willing desire to help me when I am in such a jam.

Here is what I know and what they have taught me… The Stroker and Stroker XL were designed by the guys on staff at Tantus. The outside is “non representational.” Which means it looks like a a tube, or a toy, or some kind of a weird plumping gasket. (Need to hide it? Keep it in your tool box!)

male masterbation sleeveThe inside has ridges (pictured above, sleeve is turned inside out) that were designed so that, with each stroke, they mimic the muscular contractions of penetration with a partner.

The only complaint I hear from guys is that they wish it were a tad bit longer, but despite that it gets stellar reviews from the guys who “helped” me!

Specs: Made of body safe, 100% silicone. The Stroker is approximately 4.5″ in legnth. The inner diameter: approximately 1″ and can stretch to just over 1.5″. The Stroker XL is approximately 4.5″ in length. The inner diameter: approximately 1.66″ and can stretch to just over 2″.

Clean it: You can wash it, boil it, bleach it… And -unlike most male masturbation toys- if well cared for, it will last a lifetime.

Buy it: At Use the check out code DUCKY20 and get 20% off your purchase.

Orgasm: In Six Words

September 13, 2012 § 5 Comments

Can’t orgasm after watching Breaking Bad…

I just can’t do it alone.

Tart on sale, two for one!

Simultaneous telephone climaxes; distant lovers reunited.

Heart thumping toe curling Hitachi monster

Electric vibrator squeezing gspot squirt ensues

Mind-blowing passion-filled self-righteousness

Furious fornicating fuels fantastic fucking feeling

Primal grunting, humping with abandon

Phalangeal jackhammers deconstruct my sexual prudence

Animalistic, ritualistic, twisted, never ending high.

Weasels slowly rend my flesh, pleasantly

“Get the dogs off the bed!!!”

Shameless act of fury between mammals

Screaming hours soaked sheets stripping FUN!!!

Everything pounding. Thump, thump, thump . . . ahhhhhhhhhh!

Yeah keep doing that right there

Toe curling stir-crazy uninhibited dream

Sneaky creeping implosion of hovering warmth

Lips, tongue, fingers ~ warm crashing waves

Warm… wonderful… wet… wanton…  wankin’… wave

Holy mother fucking shit i’m coming

Limb tingling, breath stopping, roller coaster

Stargate rocket explosion wolven caveman attack

Like Carrie when the bucket drops

Tense, twitchy, toe tingling, throaty, tumescent

Intense, heart-pounding, muscle numbing, piercing, vivid.

Breath catches. Muscles tense. Infinity begins.

Joyously frightening tightening snowball effect experience

Full body, gasping, wailing, language lost

Mind-numbing warm rush of love shudders

Deep body quakes again and again….

Uncontrolled flowing waves from my center

Honeyed ecstasy: like the tide swelling

Spiritual katrina, gladly felt levies break

Alive pressure built release relief bliss

Oh where is the off switch

Just like that – BAM! Now floating…

Floating, sinking, out of body experience.

I burn in joy, in light

Total, tremendous, tingling torrent of triumph

Best feeling humans can have….ever!

Self-indulging out-of-body intoxication

Toe curling, breath stopping, headache inducing

Pain and euphoria in beautiful alignment.

My vagina gasps for breath, mercy

Clit so swollen, can’t even touch

Magical heavenly touches, tongue tasting myself

Intense crimson leg-cramping deep quickie

My calf muscles always cramp after

The world stops spinning, I’m pulsating.

Calf chilling, cunt glowing, perma-smile, stillness

Primal draining intense life altering moment

Can’t breathe. Can’t move. Perfect Sunday.

I totally just *had* an orgasm!

Delightfully big ‘ol sloppy wet messiness.

Please don’t let me go yet

Two hours well spent. Two more?

Ahhh, again, again, again, again! Another.

Please may I? THANK YOU DADDY!

Like a slice of chocolate cake

Like biting into a peppermint patty

Makes me sleepy like Thanksgiving dinner.

So much better than counting sheep

Relaxing tuck into bed and zzzzz

Stunning blindness, I just let go.

Wait, that was it? Oh well…

Balls Get a Bum Rap

July 6, 2012 § 1 Comment

They can be cute, you know? (via Juxtapoz)

Chemical Composition of Male Ejaculate

January 17, 2012 § 1 Comment

Ascorbic Acid
Carbon Dioxide
Citric Acid
Lactic Acid
Nitrogen, non-protien
Phosphorus (acid soluble)
Pyruvic Acid
Vitamin B12
Uric Acid

Ducky’s Guide to Cock Rings

January 12, 2012 § 15 Comments

softringCock rings are an amazing way to enhance a guy’s orgasmic experience. They appear to be pretty simple things but actually have many shapes, sizes and features that are worth understanding.

If you are new to cock rings, you should start by using a stretchy ring and work your way up to a more solid ring if you are so inclined. If you’re looking to use a solid, more advanced ring, having the right size is essential.

heartringWearing a ring that is too loose will limit how effective the ring will be. Wearing a ring that is too tight can cause pain or even cause priapism, which means an erection that does not go away. It may sound funny or exciting to have an everlasting erection, but this condition is painful and may require medical attention.  This guide will help you have the best experience possible.


What size am I?

A well fitting cock ring should give you enough room so you can put it on or remove it at will, but be tight enough to deliver lots of sensation as you wear it.

To measure your body, use a piece of string. Loop it behind your balls and bring both ends of the string to the front where your penis meets your abdomen. Find a comfortable amount of snugness and mark the area where the two side of string meet with a marker. Measure the string in inches (this will be your circumference) and divide it by 3.14. That number is your diameter and how cock rings are sized.

Quick Cock ring Sizing Chart
5.50” = 1 3/4” ring
5.89” = 1 7/8” ring
6.28” = 2” ring

How does a cock ring work?

What the cock ring will do is restrict the veins that allow blood to flow out of your penis. You will have two subtle sensations – you will feel harder and you will feel bigger. It will also take you longer to orgasm and  be more intense.

How do I put a cock ring on?

Put your whole package (penis and balls) through the cock ring. Put a little lubrication on the inside of the ring then start by gently pushing one ball through the ring at a time. Then carefully push your semi-erect penis through the ring. Once in place, you can go about your regular sex play.

But note: some people report that they like to wear the ring on just their shaft, and not around their whole package. So feel free to experiment and find what suits you best.

How long can I wear a cock ring?

Cock ring should not be worn for extended periods of time. You should not sleep with a cock ring on. If you feel pain or numbness in your penis or testicles, remove the ring. If you are new to wearing a cock ring, I recommend starting with no more than about 15 to 20 minutes.

metalringWhat if my erection will not go down and I cannot get the ring off my body?

This is why I recommend a stretchy or snap style ring to new users. It is only a solid metal or wood ring that will cause this issue.

If it happens, don’t panic. Instead, try to relax, slow down your heart rate and circulatory system – including the rate of blood flow to your penis. Also taking a cold shower or bath will help your penis become more flaccid.

There are now silicone rings that give the feel of a solid ring but can be removed if your erection locks up. Just use the tip of scissors and nip the edge, sacrificing the ring.

Some Types of Rings

Get to know the various types of rings out there. When shopping I recommend avoiding chrome rings. Much like a chrome bumper on your car, with repeated exposure to water and sweat, they do degrade.

Also the cheap vibrating rings that one finds in the pharmacy (among other places) are usually disposable. They have a very short battery life span of about 20-40 minutes. Perfect for a cheap date, but not for a lasting cock ring relationship.

Explore these:

Stretchy | Vibrating | Loop | Leather | Silicone | Sling  | Wood (nsfw) | Metal | More Designs

Lube is Not a Luxury

November 28, 2011 § 6 Comments

Lube is a skin protector. During sex play it cuts down on friction in ways our natural lubrication cannot. Without lube, that friction can cause microscopic burns that leave you more vulnerable to bacterial or viral infections. Using lube should be a part of every healthy person’s safer sex practices.

1) The biggest lube misconception is that a healthy, naturally wet woman does not need lube. She may be very wet, but lube is still essential.

2) The second major lube misconception is that how wet a woman is displays how turned on she is. Not true. Some women are wet when she’s not sexually excited at all. Or she may be very sexually excited but relatively dry. She may be wetter when she is ovulating. Or less wet during or after menopause. She may simply be dehydrated or on one of the many medication that dries out her eyes, mouth and vagina; especially antihistamines.

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