Ducky DooLittle Creates Buzz About Tantus in an Unconventional Way

January 29, 2014 § 2 Comments

Tantus wrote this very flattering press release about our working relationship… made me blush! So fun to work with a company that loves me as much as I love them.

Ducky DoolittleDucky Doolittle, renowned sex-educator and sexual liaison was hired by Tantus, Inc. back in November of 2013, to deliver a message to customers and consumers in how to use Tantus products, and what their major differentiators are.  After three months, Doolittle and Tantus have created a synergistic and unified partnership that delivers a noteworthy and educational presentation, and has received an overwhelming response. Returning from a recent training in Toronto, TBMBM Wholesale Account Manager Sophia Springer had this to say. “It was a presentation like no other. It was wonderful to hear a new approach to selling that focuses on the human body, not just the toys themselves. We are very accustomed to product meetings that only talk about the materials, design, packaging, margins, and rarely about the ergonomics, purpose and overall benefits.” Doolittle who expresses product trainings in a unique and unconventional style delivers product trainings and information in a very interesting, upbeat, charismatic, yet informative way. “The major goal for Tantus and Ducky is to help our customers, and our distributor’s customers alike on why Tantus products are different. There is a societal disconnect between conscious consumers and their purchase decisions, and Ducky is here to help educate our customers in how to best convey that message,” said Walter Hinchman Director of Sales & Marketing. “I think that Tantus is doing something wonderful here, and no distributors have to have the traditional paranoia that comes with linking their top accounts to their manufacturers. It is clear that Ducky is not looking to sell to our clients, that is not her role, but rather provide retailers with the necessary tools to succeed in their own sales. We all win from this,” concluded Sophia Springer Wholesale Account Manager at TBMBM. Hurry and Book Tantus training with Ducky Doolittle Now by emailing All Tantus toys are made from Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone. The superior quality of Tantus silicone makes all Tantus toys hypoallergenic, non-toxic, phthalate free, odorless, boilable, bleachable and even dishwasher safe. These factors combined make Tantus toys the safest and most pleasurable toys on the market. A toy from Tantus is meant to be used and with minimal care Tantus toys can last a lifetime.

Tantus Sex Education Training Series for Sex Educators, Bloggers & Sex Toys Sales Peeps

January 6, 2014 § 2 Comments


This is why I have three free online classes for sex educators, sex toy bloggers and for people who work in sex shops or sell online. If that’s you, please join me!

begballgagTantus Toys 2.0

A presentation based on the top selling products in the Tantus toy line, including information on: C-rings, female orgasms, mouth gags & fantasy, butt sex safety, and sex & unwanted pain. Each session is 45 minutes long, delivered live online and followed by a Q&A session. Take the AM or the PM session.

  • JAN 9th | AM Session | 10am (EST) 9am (CST) 8am (MST) 7am (PST) Spots are limited. Click here to RSVP.
  • JAN 9th | PM Session | 7pm (EST) 6pm (CST) 5pm (MST) 4pm (PST) Spots are limited. Click here to RSVP.

panty-playTantus Toys 3.0

A presentation based on what Ducky calls the “unsung heroes” of the Tantus toy line, including information on: having bigger, more badass orgasms, prostate play, double penetration, sleeves, suction and the power of spontaneity. Take the AM or the PM session.

  • Mar 3rd | AM Session | 10am (EST) 9am (CST) 8am (MST) 7am (PST) Spots are limited. Click here to RSVP.
  • Mar 3rd | PM Session | 7pm (EST) 6pm (CST) 5pm (MST) 4pm (PST) Spots are limited. THIS SESSION IS FULL.

tantus tsunami siliconeTantus Toys 1.0

A presentation based on the newest products in the Tantus toy line, including information on: G-spotting, harnesses, does size matter, spanking, and butt sex basics. Take the AM or the PM session.

  • MAR 12th | AM Session | 10am (EST) 9am (CST) 8am (MST) 7am (PST) Spots are limited. Click here to RSVP.
  • MAR 12th | PM Session | 7pm (EST) 6pm (CST) 5pm (MST) 4pm (PST) Spots are limited. Click here to RSVP.


The Fabulous. The Odd. The Awesome. All the Things I Vow to Have Sex With in 2014

January 3, 2014 § 17 Comments

I already own a couple of these items but have not yet played with or reviewed them. Others I have yet to acquire. But I swear to you… in 2014 these items will be devoured and the reviews spat out for you to enjoy. Why? Because a girl has to have goals.

 octo1 It’s called the Pulse by Hot Octopuss! How can I NOT have sex with a Hot Octopuss? It’s designed as a guy solo toy or as a couples toy. The photo looks sort of strange but there are more images that really show the range of possibilities. I am so curious! Buy it here.

limon A friend just got the Limon as a gift and immediately sent me a facebook message singing it’s praises. She has never done that before, so I think there has got to be something to it. Buy it here.

O2 I just did a sex toy training with a flock of sex toy brainiacs. (It’s a big sex toy brain exchange!) There was a resounding love of the Tantus O2 line. I vow to try the Cush O2 and learn more about the O2 toys. Buy it here.

lovepaddle The Love Paddle is just so cute! There is a picture of a woman being spanked on it! It’s gonna look awesome hanging up with all my other paddles. And hopefully the sensation it delivers will live up to my expectations as well. Buy it here.

Eroscillator The Eroscillator has always sort of freaked me out. It looks like a vibrating toothbrush! But I have many friends who swear by this device. I’m gonna bite the bullet and do it. I’m going to have sex with it. For you. For science. To live on the edge. To no longer stand on the outskirts of society. I will have my way with it. Buy it here.

mochi I saw this in a sex shop but I could not justify buying it at the time. (I have so many sex toys!) The Iroha Midori Vibe fits in the palm of your hand. It’s soft and smooth, not unlike the Japanes mochi treats. Made of silicone. I love the simplicity of it. It’s rather unique. I have to try it. Buy it here.

hello kitty This is how you officially make an ass cute! (Or cuter!) I already own the Hello Kitty Glass Plug by Crystal Delights. And I am excited to properly review it for you. Buy it here.

jopen The Key Pyxis Finger Vibe a little vibe that pops on the tip of your finger. Another item I saw in a sex shop and denied myself. But it is so strong and smooth. I love how it attaches to a finger so it will not slip out of your hands. When ever I can’t stop thinking about something it is to me a sign that I have to try it. Buy it here.

ceramix These new Ceramix toys are very interesting to me. I have seen ceramic dildos that you could fill with warm or cool water and cork. But I have never seen a ceramic vibe before. Again, I need to know what this is! Buy it here.

aluminum I can’t remember which one of my blogger buddies was talking about this Pure Aluminum toy on twitter, but I was intrigued! I like metal toys and I want to feel how the vibrations move though aluminum. Buy it here.

revel The Revel Body has gotten some very mixed reviews online so of course I have to try it for myself! One never knows until they try something. The “sonic” power, shape and attachments have me curious enough to take the leap! Buy it here.

14 Things I LOVED about the Sex Ed Conference

December 18, 2013 § 1 Comment

There is nothing like spending a few days with fellow sex educators from Planned Parenthood, social workers, medical professionals, academics, bloggers, podcasters, counselors, therapists, community organizers, policy makers, administrators, clergy,  and more…

That’s exactly what I did last week. I had the pleasure of attending the National Sex Ed Conference. I was there as the Education Coordinator of Tantus Inc. I was also there to fuel my brain.

Here’s my round up of things I loved…


1. Sam Killerman‘s keynote on gender and social justice. I bought his book and loved his insight and humor. Watch his TEDx Talk:

2. Hobnobbing at the late night reception, hosted by Tantus. I got to give sex toys away. I was very popular! Until I ran out of toys.


3. Six AM yoga for everyone. It was too early for me, but I still love that they did it! I envied them for getting up early and caring for themselves. They envied me for sleeping in a little and caring for myself. Everyone wins.

4. Hearing Vice president of Education for Planned Parenthood Leslie Kantor recap sex education in 2013. Her delivery was smart, hilarious and motivating.

condomdress5. Seeing the stunning Condom Couture dresses Adriana Bertini showcased. Art and education collide with her beautiful work.

6. Spending a little quality time with Founder and President of The Academy for Adolescent Health  Mary Jo Podgurski. She never shys-away from the needs of youth and is hyper-inclusive. Unique, powerful and generous- I admire her work greatly. I also got to participate in her “Me Too: Sexuality Education for People of ALL Abilities” session and purchased both Inside Out:Your Body is Amazing Inside & Out & Belongs Only to You and What’s Up as YOU Grow Up?

7. I worked the Tantus table a lot this day. It was so fun to help sex educators of other varieties understand pleasure products and pleasure anatomy. I got to feel many sex educators recoil or express fear in their body language as they approached our table. And understandably so. Many sex educators are ridiculed for wanting to teach medically accurate sex education and for talking about realities like masturbation, condoms and STIs. Anything more explicit than safer sex materials and they naturally hesitate. Once they realized Tantus is a healthy-for-the-body, education-based company…. it was fun to see them melt, to answer their questions and be a resource for them.

8. I also got to teach a few gynecologist about the realities of safer sex in play situations. For medical professionals sex can become so medicalized that they forget how to play. They don’t always know the vastness of experiences available to them as individuals.  It’s so fun to remind fellow sex educators how important it is for them to play!

female-condom9. The people at the table next to ours were the awesome makers of Female Condoms. They were showing the newest version of the female condom, now made out of nitrile. Nitrile is not only less expensive but more sensual. I was thrilled to learn from them. Here is their site for regular folks. And here is their site for sex educators. And read this recent BBC story about how the new female condom is gaining love and being used in other parts of the world.

10. I got to participate in “Sexuality Education & Developmental Disabilities: What Works, What Doesn’t.” The presentation was a short (yet informative) nutshell based on the Sexuality Education For Adults with Developmental Disabilities.

11. I also attended “Being a Trauma-Informed Sex Educator” with Steve Brown. where I learned how to better care for my workshop participants and have more foresight around how a trauma survivor might respond to what I present as a sex educator.


12. There were three session this day that were profound and inspiring. Starting with the very insightful, expressive, inclusive Terri Clark of the LGBT Elder Initiative working a room full of sex educators through the Klein Sexual Orientation Grid.

sexetc13. Later I participated in “The Unique Needs of Youth in Foster Care” with Allyson Sandak of Answer (creators of Sex, ect.) I really loved how she used input from foster youth and former foster youth as the basis for the session. This was a very thoughtful presentation about a very vulnerable population.

14. And finally, upon coming home… I got to send a package of Tantus sex toys that specifically meet the needs of people with disabilities to a sex educator in Milwaukee so she can do a sexuality workshop for Independence First: The Resource for People With Disabilities. (My job rules.)

All of this has me getting excited for both Catalyst Con in March where I will be representing Tantus again. And for the Western Canadian Conference on Sexual Health where I will be giving a keynote on Foster Youth & Sexual Health.

Maybe I’ll see you there?


Ducky’s Top 13 Sex Toys of 2013

December 4, 2013 § 4 Comments

Here they are… the 13 toys that found themselves in heavy rotation around here in 2013… In alphabetical order because I can’t rank my love of these toys…

begballgag This 100% silicone Beginner Ball Gag is more comfortable than your average gag, as it sits behind the teeth. Leather strap snaps off so you can thoroughly clean the ball bit. Looks cute in your face! Buy it here.

bunnytail Did you know that you can make your butt even cuter!?! This super smooth Bunny Tail Glass Butt Plug fits snugly in place. The fluffy tail is attached with a magnet that makes it very functional. You can pop the tail off to be able to see what you are doing while inserting or removing the toy. You can also pop the tail on and off to clean the toy. A genius design. Hell… pop the tail off and you can attach any of your favorite fridge magnets to the thing! (Come on, do it!) Made by Crystal Delights, my favorite glass toy maker in the whole world. Buy it here.

charmer A bit more slim than your average insertable, silicone toy. The Charmer has four well defined G spot speed bumps! The idea is to mimic the sensation of fingers, while giving full depth of penetration with each thrust. Despite being a classic Tantus design, I have fallen in love with it again. But isn’t that how one defines a classic? Buy it here.

cheeky I say it again and again… If you have ugly panties THROW THEM OUT! I believe you should feel beautiful and panties are the first thing you put on in the morning… Of course panty beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this year my panty of choice has been Cheeky Panties. They look awesome on big butts and small butts. They are super comfortable. They give every butt a nice round look because of how they circle around the cheeks in the back. And that little V at the front of the waist line makes your hips look vavavvoomy and your tummy look tighter. Win. Win. Win. Buy ’em here.

evi2evi dildo The *new* EVI is a simple vaginal toy that brings stronger, more badass orgasms and pelvic strength – all in one awesome little package. My all time favorite toy of 2012 year. But now they have upgraded the design to have a more flexible neck. You still get that tight fit once it’s in place but the flexible neck makes it much easier to insert and remove the toy. Buy it here. Use checkout code DUCKY20 and get 20% off.

harmony The Harmony by Fuze is unique. Smartly designed for solo and harness play. The shaft has enough curve to deliver pressure on the G spot or prostate. The silicone is super smooth. (Great for play but can be a lint collector if left out in the air for even a short time.) But what I really LOVE is the base. It has a hole that can be filled with a small vibrating bullet or during solo play pop your finger in that hole and you get awesome leverage for thrusting. And the base is also an oval curve that aligns nice with the curves of the pubic bone when harnessed. Stunning design twists, I say. Buy it here.

flip-ramp-merlot Never say no. Always try new things. Why do I say this? Because the Liberator Flip Ramp was never something I was excited about. Then I was sent one to review and I FELL IN LOVE! It creates subtle changes in your positioning ability that can result in lots of fun and orgasms! Try it on the floor, on the bed, bound with rope… I could go on and on. The cover unzips and washes with ease. Buy it here.

magic-wand Shut up. I know the Magic Wand is on my list every year. It keeps me from becoming criminally insane. It is perfection. It will stay on my best-of list always. Buy it here.

neo The smoothly tapered tip on the Neo Plug make for easy, comfortable entry. Your muscles will hold on to the tight neck and the narrow anchor fits perfectly between your cheeks. A little piece of butt plug perfection. Buy it here.

silver For skin-on-skin play, Sliquid Silver is my favorite. But when it comes to playing with toys, silicone lubes like Sliquid Silver are not the best option. When I know toys are going to be a part of my fun, I use Sliquid H2O. Healthy, simple lube made by a company that cares about my health. Love that. Buy it here.

panty-play Oh dear, sweet Panty Play, one of the unsung heroes of the vibrator world. Shaped to press up against the whole vulva, cupping this whole responsive area- from clit to perineum. Tuck it inside your panties for hands-free fun. Rope it tight against the vulva to deliver inescapable sensation. Playful, simply and full of sensation. Made of 100% silicone. The bullet vibe pops out so you can boil or bleach the toy and have a super clean toy. Love that. Buy it here.

PELT-PADDLE All the fetishistic lushness of leather or rubber but in body safe, super-cleanable silicone! This whole line of Tantus silicone paddles are perfection. The Pelt just happens to be the one in high rotation in my toy box. At the moment! Buy it here.

supersoft The king of all cock rings. The Super Soft C-Ring is stretchy yet gives a nice solid grip on the base of his cock and perineum. 100% silicone so it will last forever and is easy to clean. The fact that it is flat means it does not roll as he puts it on or takes it off, so it does not pull at his skin or body hair. The best easy-on, easy-off cock ring you’ll ever own. Looks sexy on him too! Buy it here.

BLOG CONTEST: Hand Jobs in Six Words or Less

August 6, 2013 § 42 Comments


It’s a writing contest. Flash non fiction. Like this one we did before. But this time I ask that you describe a hand job in six words.  Your hands, your lover’s hands, on cocks, on clits… it’s that simple. For example, mine would be…

Your nimble fingers on my clit.

palmballerThere are two prize package give-aways.

One person will be awarded a Palm Baller. It’s a  stroker for guys- with a cool  inner texture that will push and pull with each stroke. You also get a bottle of lube and toy cleaner.

The other give-away package is a Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Female Masturbation DVD, a bottle of glycerin and paraben free Sliquid lube and a 100% silicone Little Flirt butt plug from Tantus!

HOW TO ENTER: ENTRIES ARE CLOSED. WINNER ANNOUNCED WED AUG 7TH! CHECK BACK! Post your six words as a comment here. Send them to me via twitter or facebook. Or if you’d like to be anonymous, email them to me. All entries will be posted anonymously unless you specify otherwise. If you want your blog or other link attached, please let me know. I will pick TWO winners! You can submit up to 3 entries.

Entries must be received by Aug 6th, 2013 12pm (est). The winners will be announce here on Aug 7th, 2012 so be sure to check back!

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Ducky Does Tantus

May 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

Here’s a behind the scenes shot from the video shoot I did with Tantus. It was all fun and games until I hit the mic while spinning a dildo over my head! But it’s hard to stop me once I get started.


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