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Sex for Survivors: Healing After Trauma

Often survivors are thriving despite their emotional or physical scars. But common obstacles many survivors face are sex and relationship issues. Join Ducky Doolittle, herself a survivor and a Sexual Assault & Violence Intervention Counselor, as we explore ways of growing beyond the trauma.

A lot of people are survivors and maybe you want to join us too? If you have experienced violence, sexual assault or abuse, then you are a survivor. Or maybe an accident, injury, illness, surgery, or PTSD? It could be a childhood experience or something that happened as an adult. It may have been ongoing or a one-time thing. It may have been at the hands of someone you knew casually, someone who was supposed to love you the most or perhaps it was a stranger.

Partners and allies of survivors are also very welcome to join us for this is a face forward, joyful class where Ducky explains some of the hard science behind the survivor brain. You’ll learn how to navigate emotions and help your partners better understand, trust and play well with you.

Girl Gasms: Art of the Female Orgasm

Oh la la! Women are a deep pool of pleasure and Ducky Doolittle is here to teach you how to swim. She will demystify the female body, from erogenous zones, to the vulva, clit, G spot, female ejaculation, pelvis muscles and even anal pleasure. Together we’ll compare ancient Eastern knowledge, current scientific data, personal discoveries, tips & techniques and send you home with a wealth of orgasmic knowledge and resources. Walk away understanding why some touches deliver amazing stimulation and how to draw deeper orgasmic responses. This workshop is for women and lovers of women. Expect to learn how to have (give) a better orgasm that very night, how to expand your (her) orgasms, have multiple orgasms or how to orgasm if you never have, the truth about the G-spot and female ejaculation, why a lot of women feel like they have to pee during sex and how to stop that and he truth about which sex toys will take you (her) over the edge, plus which products are the healthiest, highest quality and have the best price.

Pop His Rocket: Inspiring Ways to Take Your Guy Over the Edge

(Alternate title: Hips, Lips & Fingertips: Inspiring Ways to Take Your Guy Over the Edge)
You’re loaded with assets. Join sex icon Ducky DooLittle and explore ways to make the most of what you got, from your hips– to your lips– to your finger tips! We are talking blow jobs, hand jobs, sex positions and so much more! This class is super fun and loaded with tips and techniques that will blow his mind. So sit down, prepare to be titillated and have a great time. With more than 20 years of sexual research behind her, Ducky has proven men are sexually deeper and far more beautiful than the world gives them credit for. She’ll teach you how to see beyond the superficial and really connect with your guy. This workshop is for anyone who loves the male body. Expect to learn things guys don’t even know about their own bodies, the truth about his pleasure anatomy, including his hottest spots and how to stimulate them, tips and techniques that will have him melting in your mouth and in your hands, sex secrets and desires guys are too shy to tell you, how to define what makes you sexy in his eyes and how to amp up your sex appeal and fresh communication techniques that will have him eagerly asking how he can please you in return.

Orgasms for Everyone

This super gender inclusive class teaches how the human body is a deep pool of pleasure! She will demystify sexual response– from erogenous zones, to the vulva, clit, G-spot, female ejaculation, head, shaft, testicles, pelvic muscles and even anal pleasure. She’ll compare ancient Eastern knowledge, current scientific data, personal discoveries, tips & techniques and send you home with a wealth of orgasmic knowledge and resources. Walk away understanding why some touches deliver amazing stimulation and how to draw deeper orgasmic responses. Like all of Ducky’s presentations, this workshop is inclusive of individuals of every gender and orientation.

Power Gasms: Expert Class on How to Choose & Use Sex Toys

As far back as 500BC we have evidence of phallic factories in Greece. They were exporting dildos all across the Mediterranean and using olive oil as a personal lubricant. In China they boiled a tubular plant to harden it into a tool for sex play. It was called The Cantonese Groin. Ben wa balls (yes, the kind you may have read about in 50 Shade of Grey) Have been around for centuries in all parts of Asia. But sex toys have come a long way in our age of personal electronics. So what is the best sex toy for you, your lover, the two of you under the covers? I’ll take you on a guided tour of the very best products; their history, design, healthy & wellness, hygiene factors, affordability and orgasmic potential.

Amp It Up: Imaginative Ways to Keep Sparks Flying in Your Sex Play

In a rut? Tired of the same old routine? That’s normal. Join Ducky as she delivers valuable information on how to raise your sex drive. She’ll help you develop super fun flirtation techniques (flirting is hot!) She will give you a deeper understanding of pleasure anatomy and teach techniques for using everything you’ve got – from the tip of your tongue to your fingers and toes. Plus you’ll learn how to introduce sex toys into your play and which products are the healthiest, highest quality and deliver the best bang for your buck.

An Informal Evening (Day) with Sexologist Ducky DooLittle

A super engaging question/answer session with Ducky! She mixes improv and storytelling with her vast knowledge of sexuality to answer any questions on your mind. Ducky starts the presentation by passing out blank index cards for people to write their questions down anonymously, making the Q&A accessible to even the shyest person.

Art & Nature of Being Sexy

Bring out your inner bombshell! Let Ducky help you define and amplify your sexiness. You will gain a wealth of knowledge while celebrating your sexy self in a safe environment. When she’s done with you ~ your hips, lips and inner beauty will shine! Expect to learn: what makes you a sexual powerhouse, how to boost your body image and sexual self-esteem, fun tips and techniques like how to be strip for your lover and lap dance and how to make smart sexual decisions, regret nothing, live your fantasies, practice safer sex and be healthy.

IMG_0001Bottoms Up: Exploring Anal Pleasure

Are you curious about your butt, but afraid it will hurt? Maybe you want to try to explore your lover’s body? Or possibly you’re already into being bottoms up and just want to know more? Ducky teaches you how to get the most pleasure out of anal play while staying safe and caring for your body. Expect to learn… Creative sex communication techniques, including how to introduce the idea of anal sex to your partner, how to give and/or receive pain free anal sex, not if, but how anyone can orgasm from anal pleasure, which toys and products can make anal sex easier and more fun, which products are the healthiest, highest quality and have the best price, and valuable information on safety and hygiene.

Clean Mean Sex Machine: Safer Sex for Super Hot Action

How safe is oral sex? Anal sex? Casual sex? How do I find a sex positive doctor I can talk to? How do I know if I have a sexually transmitted infection (STI)? How do I make sure my doctor is testing me for the right things? How do I have the healthiest, hottest sex possible? Let Ducky Doolittle break it down and help you feel confident in your sex play. Expect to learn how safe or risky your sex acts may be, how to speak with your partner about STIs, tools to keep you safe, how to clean your sex toys and how safe sex supplies can be the sexiest thing in your nightstand.

Get Wet: A G-spotting & Female Ejaculation Intensive

Where is your G spot? How do you stimulate it? How can you have orgasms from penetration alone? How can you squirt like a porn star? Ducky Doolittle will answer these questions and a whole lot more as she explains the beauty of (and busts the myths about) the female body, G spotting and female ejaculation. It’s an orgasm intensive!

Sex with the Lights On: Sex Questions, Answers, Tips, Techniques and Myths Debunked

Few sex educators are as well-matched to the task of dispensing safe, honest, affirming sex advice as Ducky Doolittle. As one of America’s most celebrated sex educators, Ducky performs for thousands of individuals of every gender and sexual orientation at universities, private events and on stages throughout North America. Take advantage of her 20+ years of experience in the field of human sexuality by joining her for this entertaining and thoroughly enlighten sex class. Ducky not only answers each question with a sex-positive open-mind, she gives you permission to laugh, relax and learn.

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