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SPEAKING: Looking for heartfelt, hilarious, high impact sex education? That’s what I do!

I present on college campuses, for student groups and guest lectures, medical schools, private parties, homeless youth drop-in centers, book clubs, church groups, community centers and adult retail stores. Costs & fees vary. But appearances outside the NYC area will require round trip airfare, hotel accommodations, ground transportation and a presentation fee.

To inquire email: office@duckydoolittle.com

And answer these 7 questions…

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Organization
  3. Date or possible dates you’d like?
  4. Location (City & State)
  5. What kind of program are you looking to create and are there any specific points you’d like Ducky to cover?
  6. How many attendees do you expect?
  7. Approximate budget?


insidebookWRITING GIGS: I write books, guest blog posts, monthly articles, sex advice, sex toy catalogs, sex education brochures and more. My focus has included:

  • sex toys and adult products
  • sexual techniques
  • sexual health
  • sex work
  • sexual assault
  • domestic violence
  • self care
  • homelessness
  • foster youth

If you need an experienced writer and sex educator that can meet your deadlines with ease, please email me here: ducky@duckydoolittle

Ducky DooLittle PO Box 234 New York, NY 10276


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