Ducky On Demand (Classes now available online!)

January 8, 2014 § 11 Comments

I am so excited to announce that my workshops are being made available on demand, online! Bit by bit they are being filmed, edited and posted in snippets that are available on PassionateU. We have shot my presentations on female orgasms, guy’s bodies and my presentation on how to create sparks in your relationships and raise your sex drive. Click the images below to watch!

So far you can see:


  • Girl Gasms: The Female Hard-On <–JUST ADDED
  • Girl Gasms: When Your Clit is Not It <–JUST ADDED
  • Girl Gasms: Clit & Vulva <–JUST ADDED
  • Girl Gasms: How Do I Know if I’ve Had an Orgasm?  <–JUST ADDED
  • Girl Gasms: Lingustics

ducky passionU

  • How to Please your Man: Deep Throat  <–JUST ADDED
  • How to Please Your Man: Positions for Oral Play
  • How to Please Your Man: Hand Job Techniques
  • How to Please Your Man: Suck Cock Like a Porn Star
  • How to Please Your Man: Give Him the Shaft
  • How to Please Your Man: Speed Up His Orgasm
  • How to Please Your Man: Slow Down His Orgasm
  • How to Please Your Man: What About the Balls?
  • How to Please Your Man: When Your Guy is Butt-Shy
  • How to Please Your Man: Body Hair & Cleanliness
  • How to Please Your Man: Flavored Lubricants
  • How to Please Your Man: STI’s & Oral Sex

How’s Your Sex Toy Taste?

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No really, you should taste it.

Why? because the sex toy industry (with the exception of condoms) is completely unregulated. This means many toys are made of very questionable plastics softening agents. Chemicals that can cause inflammation in your most private bits. Chemicals that are illegal to use in children’s toys. Chemicals that are illegal to use in dog chew toys. Yet they still make sex toys out of them.

A quality sex toy should have no taste and no smell. The molecules should be inert. Stinky toys have molecules that are active so they trying to bond with other molecules, including the molecules in your body. If you have ever let two sex toys sit next to each other in a box and had them bleed color onto each other or sort of melt into each other… that is a sign that the molecules are bonding. Bluck.

To make the issue more complex, you cannot trust the labeling on the packages because again… packaging is unregulated. A package can say that is is safe or free from bad chemicals, but there is no over site. Sometimes those packages are deliberately misleading.

The simple way to know if the toys you buy are body-safe or not?

  • Smell it. When you open a package, it will smell like a new shower curtain.
  • Taste it. Use your instincts. if it tastes bad, don’t rub on it or stick it inside you. When in doubt, cover it with a condom.
  • Try to buy toys that are made out of the same materials as quality cookware. Cookware is an industry that has developed awesome regulatory standards that have been substantiated by the FDA.  This means your food is safe to be heated or stored in these materials. You can clean the materials with ease. If it’s a material that is safe to eat off of then it’s a material that will be safe to have sex with and it will be easy to clean.

Look for toys made out of silicone, stainless steel, glass  and hard plastic. And then be an animal like me and do the sniff and lick test! If a toys smells bad or tastes funny, take care of your delicate mucus membranes* and toss it.

*Scientific term for your mouth, pussy and butt. I love science.

P.S. Photo booth taste photo circa 1999. I have been “testing toys” for a long time!

Tantus Sex Education Training Series for Sex Educators, Bloggers & Sex Toys Sales Peeps

January 6, 2014 § 2 Comments


This is why I have three free online classes for sex educators, sex toy bloggers and for people who work in sex shops or sell online. If that’s you, please join me!

begballgagTantus Toys 2.0

A presentation based on the top selling products in the Tantus toy line, including information on: C-rings, female orgasms, mouth gags & fantasy, butt sex safety, and sex & unwanted pain. Each session is 45 minutes long, delivered live online and followed by a Q&A session. Take the AM or the PM session.

  • JAN 9th | AM Session | 10am (EST) 9am (CST) 8am (MST) 7am (PST) Spots are limited. Click here to RSVP.
  • JAN 9th | PM Session | 7pm (EST) 6pm (CST) 5pm (MST) 4pm (PST) Spots are limited. Click here to RSVP.

panty-playTantus Toys 3.0

A presentation based on what Ducky calls the “unsung heroes” of the Tantus toy line, including information on: having bigger, more badass orgasms, prostate play, double penetration, sleeves, suction and the power of spontaneity. Take the AM or the PM session.

  • Mar 3rd | AM Session | 10am (EST) 9am (CST) 8am (MST) 7am (PST) Spots are limited. Click here to RSVP.
  • Mar 3rd | PM Session | 7pm (EST) 6pm (CST) 5pm (MST) 4pm (PST) Spots are limited. THIS SESSION IS FULL.

tantus tsunami siliconeTantus Toys 1.0

A presentation based on the newest products in the Tantus toy line, including information on: G-spotting, harnesses, does size matter, spanking, and butt sex basics. Take the AM or the PM session.

  • MAR 12th | AM Session | 10am (EST) 9am (CST) 8am (MST) 7am (PST) Spots are limited. Click here to RSVP.
  • MAR 12th | PM Session | 7pm (EST) 6pm (CST) 5pm (MST) 4pm (PST) Spots are limited. Click here to RSVP.


10 Ways A Condom Can’t Protect You…

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7 Things You Might Learn About Sex Toys

January 5, 2014 § 1 Comment

My friend and fellow Sex Educator Kate McCombs popped in on a training I did this week on sex toys. The she wrote the awesome piece about the experience. Read it here.


(Photo of silicone toys at Early to Bed. This shop is so cute that even the floor has glitter embedded into it. If you are in Chicago go see it!)

The Fabulous. The Odd. The Awesome. All the Things I Vow to Have Sex With in 2014

January 3, 2014 § 17 Comments

I already own a couple of these items but have not yet played with or reviewed them. Others I have yet to acquire. But I swear to you… in 2014 these items will be devoured and the reviews spat out for you to enjoy. Why? Because a girl has to have goals.

 octo1 It’s called the Pulse by Hot Octopuss! How can I NOT have sex with a Hot Octopuss? It’s designed as a guy solo toy or as a couples toy. The photo looks sort of strange but there are more images that really show the range of possibilities. I am so curious! Buy it here.

limon A friend just got the Limon as a gift and immediately sent me a facebook message singing it’s praises. She has never done that before, so I think there has got to be something to it. Buy it here.

O2 I just did a sex toy training with a flock of sex toy brainiacs. (It’s a big sex toy brain exchange!) There was a resounding love of the Tantus O2 line. I vow to try the Cush O2 and learn more about the O2 toys. Buy it here.

lovepaddle The Love Paddle is just so cute! There is a picture of a woman being spanked on it! It’s gonna look awesome hanging up with all my other paddles. And hopefully the sensation it delivers will live up to my expectations as well. Buy it here.

Eroscillator The Eroscillator has always sort of freaked me out. It looks like a vibrating toothbrush! But I have many friends who swear by this device. I’m gonna bite the bullet and do it. I’m going to have sex with it. For you. For science. To live on the edge. To no longer stand on the outskirts of society. I will have my way with it. Buy it here.

mochi I saw this in a sex shop but I could not justify buying it at the time. (I have so many sex toys!) The Iroha Midori Vibe fits in the palm of your hand. It’s soft and smooth, not unlike the Japanes mochi treats. Made of silicone. I love the simplicity of it. It’s rather unique. I have to try it. Buy it here.

hello kitty This is how you officially make an ass cute! (Or cuter!) I already own the Hello Kitty Glass Plug by Crystal Delights. And I am excited to properly review it for you. Buy it here.

jopen The Key Pyxis Finger Vibe a little vibe that pops on the tip of your finger. Another item I saw in a sex shop and denied myself. But it is so strong and smooth. I love how it attaches to a finger so it will not slip out of your hands. When ever I can’t stop thinking about something it is to me a sign that I have to try it. Buy it here.

ceramix These new Ceramix toys are very interesting to me. I have seen ceramic dildos that you could fill with warm or cool water and cork. But I have never seen a ceramic vibe before. Again, I need to know what this is! Buy it here.

aluminum I can’t remember which one of my blogger buddies was talking about this Pure Aluminum toy on twitter, but I was intrigued! I like metal toys and I want to feel how the vibrations move though aluminum. Buy it here.

revel The Revel Body has gotten some very mixed reviews online so of course I have to try it for myself! One never knows until they try something. The “sonic” power, shape and attachments have me curious enough to take the leap! Buy it here.

I Am Smitten for Hands

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Hands are such stunning sexual tools. There are just so many ways they can be used on the body. One of my favorite ways is to simply set your hand on your lover and hold it there. Hold their vulva, their penis, their breast. Sit quietly and let their body begin to thump under your touch. Don’t move, tickle or stroke. Just hold them and let them breath. Hold them until they wiggle and ask for more. And them hold them just a bit longer to inspire feelings of playful anticipation. It’s such a simple technique that has such possibility.


This post is inspired by a very touching letter I just received from a woman who is so beautifully conscious and growing in her sexuality. I asked if I could share it because I think there is much to learn from her. She generously said yes.


I attended your Girl Gasms class at Seattle’s Wild at Heart this past year, and I wanted to thank you in particular for the tip on simply holding my hand over my vulva to bring the blood and heat up. I’ve incorporated that into my masturbation with nice results.

I’ve attempted to add it into partner-sex, but have noticed that my recent partners (i.e., exes) have been admittedly too impatient to provide me with such stimulation. Last week I requested it during a session with a body worker and made a fundamental realization: the first thing I should be asking for in any sex negotiation – after safer sex standards, perhaps – is time. It was initially weird and awkward for me to just lie there while someone hovered patiently above me with their gloved hand on my cunt. I found that when we made eye contact, we’d both break into these goofy grins. I initially tried to fill the quiet with talk of my observations, but realized that the session was about keeping me in headspace, so I worked on receiving without trying to cater to – by way of second-guessing – my partner as much.

At the point where I accepted that I had plenty of time to relax and enjoy, I found that negotiation for adjustments became much easier. I wasn’t frustrated if he didn’t get it immediately, because explaining wasn’t cutting into what I considered to be a very finite amount of time to get it right before I catered to him. The more clearly and smoothly I could explain, the more I got what I wanted.

It’s all very simple, but this solution has been overshadowed by the fact that I’ve spent the last 25 years reacting to selfish partners who had their own agenda – either them directly or overlaying the memory of them onto the few good lovers I had. I’ve done a lot of work on myself over the past five years, so the temptation to kick myself or others for lost pleasure is diminished. Now I look forward to my sensual future.

Taking your class and practicing some of what I learned from it has brought me to this point, and I appreciate you making a career out of sharing what you’ve learned.

Love hands too? You might also enjoy: Stroke That: how to Rub Her the Right Way and Help! I Need Some Fool Proof Hand Job Techniques!

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